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Top 10 Louisiana Fabrication Firms

Are you searching for quality fabrication services in Louisiana? If that is the case, Louisiana comprises some of the finest fabrication firms in the nation – oil & gas, marine, and aerospace. They boast expertise across industries with capabilities and experience to handle even complex fabrication projects.

Locating the appropriate fabrication firm can be challenging, but choosing one that meets your requirements is essential to a successful outcome. A company offering turnkey solutions and high-quality labor would be ideal if you require custom metal fabrication or precise machining – that is why we have compiled a list of Louisiana’s top ten fabrication firms to assist you in making an informed decision.

Who Are the Top Fabrication Companies in Louisiana?

Each of these businesses specializes in different areas and boasts outstanding results. From heavy industrial fabrication to oil and gas wellbore gear, these companies possess the experience and know-how to complete any project, regardless of size.

If you need fabrication services in Louisiana, check out all information from turnaround construction services, and look at these top ten businesses. In this post, we provide more details about each business’s skills and capabilities to assist in selecting the ideal one for your project.


APEC has over 25 years of experience in custom metal fabrication for petrochemical, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Their professional team can handle small and large tasks to provide complete solutions.

This firm has over 50 years of experience and an outstanding reputation for industrial facility maintenance services, this company stands out as an expert provider. Their specialized capabilities include welding, CNC machining, and precision cutting – with their cutting-edge facility capable of taking on large-scale tasks.

Blackhawk Specialty Tools

Blackhawk specializes in designing and manufacturing oil and gas wellbore tools to endure challenging drilling environments, making them a reliable partner to major drilling businesses worldwide.

C&C Marine and Repair

C&C Marine and Repair is an established provider of marine fabrication services, having successfully constructed and repaired many vessels, such as barges, tugs, and offshore supply vessels. Their team can handle everything from design to fabrication and installation without hassle.

Central Machine Works

This company has over fifty years of experience providing precision machining and fabrication services to industries including oil & gas, aerospace, and defense. Their skilled machinists and welders can take on even the most challenging projects.

D & D Engineering

Specializes in metal fabrication for energy, petrochemical, and maritime industries. Their expert fabrication staff provides everything from design to manufacturing and installation.

Delta Machine and Ironworks

Has provided fabrication services for over four decades. As experts in oil and gas industry fabrication projects ranging from drilling rigs to offshore platforms, their fabrication services have proven themselves time after time.

Gulf Island Fabrication

This company is an established provider of fabrication services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Their extensive expertise comprises platforms, pipelines, subsea equipment, pipe fabricator service, and subsurface environments. 

ICM Inc.

ICM Inc is a metal fabrication and machining specialist with expertise in the aerospace, defense, and energy industries. Their staff includes skilled engineers and fabricators capable of managing everything from design through production and installation.


This is a world-class provider of wood products and building materials. Still, they also boast expert fabricators with expertise in metalwork fabrication – specializing in custom buildings, industrial equipment, and decorative metalwork fabrication projects.


These top ten fabrication companies in Louisiana represent the cream of the crop regarding fabrication services, boasting expertise and experienced personnel that enable them to manage any job, from large to small projects efficiently. If quality fabrication services are what you desire for your next endeavor, select one of these top fabrication businesses as the solution provider for your next project.