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The Ontario Medical Residency Exam: A Step-by-Step Guide

Obtaining permanent residency in Ontario, Canada may include a medical exam. Passing the immigration medical exam in Ontario is straightforward, but the process can be lengthy. Following these five steps, you can learn more about the procedure and what to anticipate.

1. Find an Approved Panel Physician

If you’re asking what to expect from immigration medical exam in Canada? Firstly, Finding a doctor on the requisite panel is the first step in immigration medical exams. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allow only panel physicians to conduct immigration medical examinations. On the IRCC website, you will find a complete directory of Ontario panel physicians who have been approved.

Find a physician on the panel and schedule an examination immediately. Note that your medical examination must be conducted by a physician on the insurance company’s list of approved physicians.

2. Schedule Your Exam

You can prepare for your physical examination in a variety of ways. Your passport and any pertinent medical records should be among the initial items you remember to bring to your scheduled appointment. Bring with you a list of your current medications and allergies.

Dress comfortably for your appointment with the doctor from places like Complete Immigration Medical Centre Waterloo panel physician. If asked to disrobe during the exam, you should wear easy-to-remove, comfortable apparel.

3. Complete the Medical Exam

The doctor on the panel will perform a comprehensive physical examination and ask you about your medical history. The comprehensive physical will examine and assess vision, hearing, blood pressure, and other bodily functions.

If a physician suspects tuberculosis, he or she will order a chest X-ray and a blood test. In many parts of the world, tuberculosis is a prevalent and fatal infectious disease. If you test positive for tuberculosis before your immigration application is processed, you may be required to undergo additional testing or treatment.

4. Wait for the Results

The physician who examined you will provide IRCC with his or her findings. After a hiatus of several weeks, IRCC frequently reviews the results of medical examinations.

Immigration approval will be granted if the medical examination reveals no severe health issues. The IRCC reserves the right to request additional tests or medical records to thoroughly evaluate any concerns raised.

5. Receive Your Medical Exam Certificate

Even if you pass the medical exam, you may still be required to take additional steps to have your immigration application approved. A candidate may be required to submit additional documentation, attend an interview, read more here, or undergo a security check.

If your immigration request is granted, the IRCC will send you an approval letter. In this letter, the steps required to finalize your immigration status are enumerated.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Immigration Medical Exam Process

Who needs to undergo a medical exam for immigration to Ontario?

All applicants for permanent residence in Canada can require a medical examination. This category includes refugees and those seeking immigration for economic or familial reasons.

How much does a medical exam for immigration cost in Ontario?

The cost of an immigration medical examination will vary depending on the panel physician you see and the tests they prescribe. A doctor’s visit costs range between $250 and $500.

What happens if I test positive for tuberculosis?

If you have tested positive for tuberculosis, additional testing or treatment may be required before your immigration application can be approved. IRCC takes tuberculosis (TB) very seriously as an infectious disease.

What happens if I fail the immigration medical exam? 

If you fail the immigration medical exam, the Government of Canada will notify you and allow you to resolve any identified medical issues. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may be able to retake the exam at a later date or be required to seek medical treatment before entering Canada.


The immigration process to Canada can be complicated, and one crucial stage that must be completed is the immigration medical exam. This exam is required for the majority of immigrants and serves to ensure that newcomers to Canada are healthy and will not place an undue burden on the country’s health system.